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Most of the time you spend in the web browser. But if you use it in such a manner that it eats up a lot of time in vain. Do you know something that you may be wasting your precious time that you have to use the most can be saved? Today I share with you some tricks.

You never know what the magic of the web browser

Firefox tab Group

I think about 99% of people are not aware of this feature. Once you understand how it works, you can use it. I am writing this post at 5 am to data Collection site was open. Again, finding a WordPress theme made for the 10 sites open. Now I could mix the two work sites. Even the choice of the theme, a theme that was not really a theme. It’s a site open to what I was writing this post content. Then closed. So you open tabs for a specific task, as a group, and that it can write the name of the group. After 5 hours of work from start working again, but it will not be wasting your time.

For this reason in the browser ‘tab group’ name, click the icon or press Ctrl + Shift + E. If you do not have the toolbar tab group you customise ( “Open Menu” on the right side then “Customize”) at the first tab group’s icon to the toolbar.

web-browserSome of the most widely used for the site Shortcut

There are some sites that you use every day. Such as Facebook, Google mail, Twitter, or Pinterest. These sites can keep the taskbar shortcut, you can open anytime soon, it offhand. Even with a little understanding and can give you the startup. Log window as soon as you open these figures are. I basically use the shortcut to the site, most of the time, my job required a lot of tabs open in my browser. Even when I was in my first job is to come from outside of the browser window Restore. I am in the midst of the tabs in the tab so that I always need to lose. So I put a shortcut so that the tabs are allocated for the new browser.

Now, how come we can not do this –

If you are using Chrome, the tab menu on the site you want to open the shortcut ‘More tools’ go to ‘Create application shortcuts …’ select. Then a pop-up will appear where you can select where your shortcut will be – on the desktop, the Start menu or the taskbar.

If you are using Internet Explorer you have to do is – you know, on how the actual and full-screen browser window with the site logo on the address bar and drag and drop desktop or taskbar. I will be done.

Pin tab on the browser

Pin Tab is a great feature of all good browsers. This is a lot of work for me. When this option is selected in the same way as the PIN of your browser you can also pin your desired website. In the case of Mozilla Firefox The tab bar website and click on the tab of the ‘pin tab’ Click. Diameter will be. All other browsers, and more or less the same. So he did not say.

Browser Synchronization

web browserThis is a great feature of most of the latest version of the browser. Let’s say in Mozilla Firefox. If you suddenly need to install Windows does not need to suffer Firefox backup. You can also log into the browser and log in again after you install Windows Synchronization If you are a few clicks of your previous Firefox for all sites, saved the password, all your installed add-ons will get even Browsing History. However, I tried to get the previous session did not get any other way. If you know anyone shares. However, in the case of Chrome, but is available. Even if you’ve left the office and went unaccomplished tasks of the house, it can begin again to Restore chrome.

Some keyboard shortcuts

Finally, you have to share some of the keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + F : Are there any particular word in the Web page to find out. It’s not just being the browser of any applicable.

Ctrl + T: To open a new tab.

Ctrl + W: to close the current tab.

Ctrl + tab : the other the current tab to the left. Suppose you are now No. 1 on the tab. Use if you can take it on the tab, then respectively the No. 3, 4, 5, thus turning on the tab will be No. 1 again. Again, if you Ctrl + Shift + tab if you will take in reverse. If the first tab in the No. 4 and No. 5, respectively 3 such, two and 1.

Ctrl + D : Direct Web browser’s address bar to leave.

Ctrl + (+ or -) : Web site in order to zoom in on the text to see if the problem is too big or text can use these two. You can print off Ctrl + 0 Jules clear again.

F11 : the browser to full screen.

Shift + Tab : To move the browser and call the interaction site. To understand this fact will see that himself. Here is a link or a form of interaction can be any field. That is something where you can click or you can input any data. This is the browser’s tools The move.

Ctrl + Enter : If any of the sites linked to the homepage if you want to win the main part of writing just to write Ctrl + Enter keylogger automatically respectively before and after the www. And .com, the site will load. to load the shift + Enter to load and .org sites associated with Ctrl + Shift + Enter to press. If you Alt + Enter , then press the keywords of the search results will be displayed in a new tab. In this case you will use the default search engine.

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